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Miranda Niebergall

Photo of Miranda Niebergall

Assistant Principal

Ms. Miranda Niebergall first served Parkland School Division in 2006 as an Educational Assistant at Duffield School before returning to University to complete her Education degree. She started as a full-time substitute teacher before landing her permanent contract and a spot at Stony Plain Central School in 2012. Miranda transitioned to a Collaborative Teaching Partner in 2017 as a Literacy and Numeracy Lead, and in 2019, transitioned to her current role at Division Office as a Specialized Classrooms/Behaviour Facilitator with the Student Services department.

Ms. Niebergall has a Bachelor of Education degree with Distinction, from the University of Alberta: Elementary Generalist Major with a Educational Psychology/Special Education Minor. She earned a Masters in Education focused in Educational Leadership - School Effectiveness and School Improvement from University of Alberta in 2015. She is currently completing a PhD in Secondary Education, exploring the educational implications of neuro-science, trauma and trauma sensitive-practices.