For Parents

Quotes From Parents

"As a small community school, Forest Green School provides a unique educational experience. The students have the advantage of being part of a supportive and caring network of staff, parents and students. At the same time, the high quality of education is evident in the innovative, student-centered approaches teachers bring to their classrooms to actively engage students in their learning; including collaborative projects, classroom blogs, student-lead assemblies, and the progressive use of technology in instruction."

-Parent of a Grade 2 and 4 student

"Forest Green School is a wonderful small community focused school. I love the warmth, the welcome, and the care the staff take to foster an inviting environment which in turn fosters a great learning environment for my child. Staff are interested in and value each child. Each student is unique and special and they all learn in many different ways and the teachers at Forest Green School know this and teach accordingly. I value our teachers they are professional, personal, and have an enthusiasm to teach as well as to learn. They are a great example to the Forest Green student body and to their parents."

- Parent