The Vision of Forest Green School

Our students use technology to learn. Technology is essential to facilitate the creative problem solving, information fluency, critical thinking skills, and collaboration that we see in today’s world. While we want our students to be active contributors in our connected world, we also want them to be safe, legal, and responsible.

Our students have regular access to our many Chromebooks. Occasionally, our teachers and our students use a classroom iPad to assist learning. We use technology to create powerful learning opportunities that engage students and parents. 

Our students can access the Internet via both wired and wireless connections throughout the school. SmartBoards within the school help to facilitate group viewing and discussions. Forest Green students have access to a standard suite of software to support their learning needs, which will include Google Applications for Education.

The acceptable use policy (AUP) supports our vision of technology use and upholds in our students a strong sense of digital citizenship and identity. This is a document that we have you and your child sign every September.

How We Plan to Use Technology

The integrated information technology program at Forest Green School develops the literacy skills our students need in order to contribute in a connected world. We use technology to facilitate creativity and innovation. We use technology to support communication and collaboration. We use technology to extend research and develop information fluency. We want our students to have a sound understanding of technology operations and concepts. We will create a safe online environment for all of our students.

Being a Digital Citizen

At Forest Green School, we use information and technology in safe, legal, and responsible ways. It is important that we educate our students on what this means before we start using technology. The conversation must continue throughout our work.

We embrace the following conditions or facets of being a digital citizen:

  • Respect Yourself - I will select online names that are appropriate, I will consider the information and images that I post online.
  • Protect Yourself - I will not publish my personal details, contact details or a schedule of my activities.
  • Respect Others - I will not use technologies to bully or tease other people.
  • Protect Others - I will protect others by reporting abuse and not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications.
  • Respect Intellectual Property - I will suitably cite any and all use of websites, books, media, etc.
  • Protect Intellectual Property - I will request to use the software and media that others produce.