Early Years

Guiding Principles for Kindergarten to Grade 3

Primary Programs Framework – Guiding Principles
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Teaching and learning processes are complex

Learning and teaching processes are complex, interconnected and occur in and outside of school. The learning process involves active participation, innovation and creativity. It can transform all learners and, potentially, how they learn. The outcomes of the learning process cannot therefore be entirely predicted.

Diversity is a condition for and an outcome of learning

Individual learners bring a wide range of different experience, knowledge and skills to the learning process. Understanding of diversity is enhanced when learners actively participate in a variety of learning activities in a collaborative group process. Sharing knowledge, understanding and skills brings learning to a higher level than individuals can achieve on their own.

Learning is making meaningful connections that lead to understanding

Learning is a complex process in which all aspects are connected together in a nonlinear, complex and dynamic way. Recognizing the interrelationship between the learning process and students’ personal understandings can help teachers guide students to make meaningful connections between the learning process and learning outcomes.