Middle Years

To become a fully functioning, self-actualized person, each young adolescent should:

  • Become actively aware of the larger world, asking significant and relevant questions about that world and wrestling with big ideas and questions for which there may not be one right answer.
  • Be able to think rationally and critically and express thoughts clearly.
  • Read deeply to independently gather, assess, and interpret information from a variety of sources and read avidly for enjoyment and lifelong learning.
  • Use digital tools to explore, communicate, and collaborate with the world and learn from the rich and varied resources available.
  • Be a good steward of the earth and its resources and a wise and intelligent consumer of the wide array of goods and services available.
  • Understand and use the major concepts, skills, and tools of inquiry in the areas of health and physical education, language arts, world languages, mathematics, natural and physical sciences, and the social sciences.
  • Explore music, art, and careers, and recognize their importance to personal growth and learning.
  • Develop his or her strengths, particular skills, talents, or interests and have an emerging understanding of his or her potential contributions to society and to personal fulfillment.
  • Recognize, articulate, and make responsible, ethical decisions concerning his or her own health and wellness needs.
  • Respect and value the diverse ways people look, speak, think, and act within the immediate community and around the world.
  • Develop the interpersonal and social skills needed to learn, work, and play with others harmoniously and confidently.
  • Assume responsibility for his or her own actions and be cognizant of and ready to accept obligations for the welfare of others.
  • Understand local, national, and global civic responsibilities and demonstrate active citizenship through participation in endeavours that serve and benefit those larger communities.

Taken from “This We Believe” - Association for Middle Level Education