Fine Arts

Students at Forest Green develop skills in and appreciation of Fine Arts in the regular curriculum, where Art, Music, Drama and Dance are embedded into a number of subject areas. For example, our School Council purchased a new ceramics kiln in 2011, and many of our classes work with clay.

Our students also have opportunities to work with handbells, guitar, drums, Orff instruments and much more to make music. Opportunities to learn guitar and drums have also been offered recently. Often our student assemblies also include plays and songs performed by the students.

Our French program utilizes AIM instruction, where signs are attached to learning to speak the language. Students make quick progress with this approach. Students also participate in aspects of theatre to teach and demonstrate their development in the French language.

We participate in division-wide choral celebrations, art shows, talent shows, and Christmas concerts, and we perform for family and community programs, such as the Seniors Centre, when we can. We have had dancers-in-residence that have made huge impacts on our students’ confidence. We integrate First Nations performing and visual arts whenever we can.

To supplement this strong fine arts programming, we have a very strong cultural events program where we invite in many performing arts groups such as Alberta Opera, theatre troupes, hip-hop dancers, HOJA, aboriginal drummers and many more.

We are proud of our accomplishments in the arts.